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This page is dedicated to change ideas with people of other countries.
It will be here where I put everything I will learn from other legislations and compare with mine.

Heitor, One good reason to be assertive.
Do not mix assertiveness with agressiveness.
But you must understand that all of us, with our acomodation, we all push the real fathers, from the assertiveness by right to the agressiveness provoked by the treatment they suffer in court and out. One of the bad problems, and we do not like to talk about that, is the projection the judge does of the problems of their lives on the familly/children conflicts
Something Follows
Giving children only every other weekend to their fathers is the shame of our society and we are ALL cumplices of the process, just donīt forget it.
The "real" fathers are beeing pushed more and more to direct action, donīt you agree?

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